Fresh Daisies

Written by Efrain Nieves

A year has past,
Mnemonic inception,
Fresh as daisies growing in an open plain.

Encircling, perennial
Lasting throughout the ages.

The speeding train,
Running through our veins.

Every heartbeat calls your name.

Every moment away is a lifetime.

A year has past,
No unsettling distortions,
Fresh as daisies growing in an open plain.


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About Efrain Nieves

Efrain Nieves is a freelance writer, blogger and poet. He is an advocate of the Latino-American experience. His writings, at, combine poetry, politics, education and history with the objective to create awareness while informing the Latino and non-Latino community of our relevance and contribution to the U.S. We strive to reach a diverse audience.

10 Responses to “Fresh Daisies”

  1. nice. it really hits its stride at love, the speeding train…and i love daisies as well…

  2. Love its imagery Efrain!

  3. love the use of the speeding train and the daisies here – makes a nice contrast between speed and rest

  4. this was very well written…some grest word choices…nice flow..cheers pete

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