Cabello Is Reading’s First Latino Valedictorian

By Efrain Nieves & Victoria Cepeda

Reading, Pennsylvania has seen a rapidly growing Latino community over the last decade. According to,  Latinos account for 58% of Reading’s population,  72% of Reading high school students ,  and Latino owned businesses had grown to  “43%  in just five years.”

This month Reading high school honours its first Latino Valedictorian. His name is Noe Cabello who is stamping another historical moment in Latinos’ history in the United States. Here’s a small story about Noe’s family migration to the United States via

Reading High valedictorian Noe Cabello’s father left his family in their small town of Lobera, Mexico, to find work in Texas.

After a few months, Victor Cabello says he came to Reading because friends told him there was more work here.

After 13 years, he saved enough money to bring his wife and five children, including 8-year-old Noe, to Reading.

This fall, Noe will attend Johns Hopkins University on a full scholarship.

Noe attributes some of his educational success to the English Language Acquisition courses he took for 2½ years when he first moved to the USA.

His greatest motivation, he says, comes from his parents: “They try to do their best to sustain us and give us the best life they can provide.

” Even if it might not be a lot, they try their best. Sometimes I feel I’m not only doing this for me, but for them.”

Noe understands the significance of being his school’s first Hispanic valedictorian but says he looks forward to the day when such distinctions no longer matter or qualify as headline news.

“I just hope that later on … just being the valedictorian for Reading High School would be enough,” he says.

We are including Noe Cabello’s interview/video as he leaves his footprint in Latino-American history in Reading, PA. Pa’lante Noe!

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About Efrain Nieves

Efrain Nieves is a freelance writer, blogger and poet. He is an advocate of the Latino-American experience. His writings, at, combine poetry, politics, education and history with the objective to create awareness while informing the Latino and non-Latino community of our relevance and contribution to the U.S. We strive to reach a diverse audience.

2 Responses to “Cabello Is Reading’s First Latino Valedictorian”

  1. An inspiration to all of us. I admire his humility and fully agree that the day when a Latina/o or Chicana/o does something great, it will be great because of itself, but not because it was the first Latina/o or Chicana/o to do such thing.


  1. Pennsylvania Town Sees First Latino Valedictorian | NewsTaco - June 29, 2011

    […] Pennsylvania has seen a rapidly growing Latino community over the last decade. According to,  Latinos account for 58% of Reading’s population,  72% […]

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