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Written by Ercides Aquasvivas Hojas que se desprenden y ramas que mueren, Primaveras que pasan dejando secuelas De amores desvanecidos que abrieron heridas al corazón, Nombres que fueron grabados alguna Vez en la corteza de un árbol, Ilegibles con el pasar del tiempo. Nombres olvidados, Imágenes de caras que nos Alegraron muchos momentos, Recuerdo de […]

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Guardian Angel

by Yemy Hernandez I’ll save you even if it sends me to heaven. Its okay. The world is changing and I’ll still stand by you. I will never let you fall. Don’t throw away the happiness that lives inside. Don’t walk away because the fountain of youth you see within my eyes is still there. […]

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Touch The Stars

By Yemy Hernandez When are we truly heard ? Only God knows . We take everyday for granted. We don’t open our eyes until the worst happens. Why can’t we dance in the rain and forgive all that has hurt us? Why can’t we take the time to watch the leaves fall? Why are drugs […]

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