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Papi and Mija

by Christina Saenz Inside the walls of ivy, With tired eyes on my books The sun never shines. My skin turns white. More wrinkle lines. Outside the field of concrete, With leather hands on levers, The sun throws its rays. His skin gets brown. He counts the days. On the phone, I proclaim, “Papi No […]

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Fresh Daisies

Written by Efrain Nieves A year has past, Mnemonic inception, Fresh as daisies growing in an open plain. Encircling, perennial Lasting throughout the ages. Love, The speeding train, Running through our veins. Every heartbeat calls your name. Every moment away is a lifetime. A year has past, No unsettling distortions, Fresh as daisies growing in […]

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Writing Our Lives Workshop

by Vanessa Martir In the backdrop of the controversial ban on ethnic studies, textbook wars and immigration legislation occurring in the American Southwest, we must use these circumstances to inspire and empower ourselves as Latinos/people of color. It’s time we put our stories down and write ourselves into the fabric of this nation. For so […]

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