Message to Pa’lante Fans via Victoria Cepeda

Written by Victoria Cepeda

Hola Familia,

First off, thank you for joining Pa’lante and for supporting its initiative to promote Latino/Hispanic culture while at the same time bringing to you current events doubling as a one stop “convenience” bodega.

What does Pa’lante mean?

– To move forward, to never give up and always Pa’lante.

About me

After eight very rewarding months blogging for Being Latino the natural next step for me was to explore new opportunities. Luckily for me, Pa’lante’s timely “birth” came to be and here I am showing support. I part from the concept that no job is small enough which helps me remain driven and motivated at all times. I do want to thank Being Latino for having provided me with a platform to launch myself. Such opportunity opened the doors to a cheering, enthusiastic and very supportive fan base. The experience was extraordinary.

Why do I write or blog?

Simple, my main motivation for blogging/writing is to promote our Latino/Hispanic heritage, regardless of the country we hail from. Our history speaks of a people that are characterized by their perseverance and determination. As a firm believer of proudly and concurrently being Latino/a as well as American, I embrace the U.S. for all the opportunities it affords my family & me. At no time raising a question to its government & policies, regardless of which political party dwells in D.C., should my criticism be construed as unpatriotic or un-American. To do so will render our dialogue kaput. If anything, it’s the fact that we all can raise claim and question how our political leaders operate on our behalf that gives us a voice and representation.

I am excited! Would you join me? If so, let’s get acquainted. Tell me a bit about yourselves.

“Juntos hacemos fuerza.”


Bringing you current events from across the Latino community. Forward Latin@ is dedicated to the movement of our people. Questions and/or suggestions can be email to



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