Seattle Officer not charged with Hate Crime

Police Detective Shandy Cobane will not be charged with a hate crime over the stomping of a Mexican man. “King County Prosecutor Dan Satteberg said the incident did not qualify under the Hate Crime” law because his office’s investigation revealed Cobane “did not intentionally target and then threaten or assault a person because of their race or national origin.”(KOMO Staff )

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I am disgusted but not surprised at how the state of Washington is handling this case.  If Cobane did not “intentionally target” the man then why did he state the following, “I’m going to beat the f****ing  Mexican piss out of you homey!  You feel me?” If a man called an officer a pig is that not intentionally targeting the officer?

Watch the video below and see for yourself the hate crime taking place.

This is just a another reason why we must still fight for equal rights in this country. The ruling over the Arizona law was a sure win in a long battle but we must continue ahead and bring attention to our people what the media will not.


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