La Soga: Hung to Dry

I remember sometime last month there was a particular preview getting attention. It was a preview of the movie La Soga. I myself had taken a look at this preview and the movie seemed interesting. I said to myself “finally a movie from the islands which takes place in recent  times and not far into imagination.”  Looking for the release date there was a note I found peculiar. The movie was to be released in “limited” theaters. So here we go again, another Latino film “limited” to its full potential of audience.

What is it about La Soga that caused the excitement to die out? Is it because the director Josh Crook doesn’t have the clout that other directors have in the movie business? Could the critics have turned off the fuse lighted by the Latino community that there was actually a movie in American theaters from the DR?

The movie should have been embraced and supported by the community. It “is one of the first films from that country to be critically recognized outside the island, it has become a defining event in the history of the DR’s film industry” (Josh Crook)

I received a text today stating ” the majority of people follow trend not set them.” I think our community is strong enough to set our own trend. We shouldn’t have to follow but rather support our own with the vast resources at our reach.

Support all Latino films not just those commercialized.


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