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Our Voices, Our Language, Our Movement

by Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement, from a soft ear with a strong voice, securing us in the knowledge that we are listened to as our voices do matter. There is a yearning for a sense of belonging as hearts and souls migrate away from oblivion and into spiritual consciousness, soaring […]

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Why the Concept of Multiculturalism Has Failed

by Christina Saenz Two weeks ago, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said that “multiculturalism has failed.” She was referring to the Turks who live in segregated neighborhoods separate from (native) white Germans, have unskilled and low-paying jobs, and generally do not learn German language. I agree with the Chancellor: multiculturalism has failed. However, it did […]

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Looking Beyond Egos: The Story of Lupe Valdez

by Efrain Nieves Lupe Valdez’s accomplishments can be called anything but easy.  Because of her incomparable career in law enforcement, she became one of the most  successful Latinas across the country. Valdez lectured at the McAllister Fine Arts Center on October 12th about her experiences of criticism and racism. Valdez’s strength and aspiration deserves the time of any Latino blogger […]

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