Mundos de Mestizaje Fresco to Adorn Albuquerque’s Torreón Tower

Written by Victoria Cepeda

After nine years of arduous work, Santa Fe born and raised artist Federico Vigil has managed to capture our Latino/Hispanic history from the Old Word to the present in what is considered to be the largest concave fresco in the nation. Standing at 4,400 square foot this masterpiece will adorn the terra-cotta Torreón Tower at the Albuquerque National Hispanic Cultural Center.


Photo courtesy of National Hispanic Cultural Center


“Over 3,000 years of Hispanic history are depicted in the broadest sense, from Europe to Mesoamerica and into the American Southwest, illustrating the complexities and diversity of the Hispanic experience. Vigil first became involved with the ancient art of fresco during an internship in 1984 with Lucienne Bloch and Stephen Pope Dimitroff, who were apprentices to Diego Rivera. Following in the footsteps of the great masters, he continues this time-honored tradition inside the Torreón of the NHCC.”

The labor-intensive art of fresco involves painting on wet plaster and this particular one is considered unique because seldom the artist is alive by the time it’s on exhibit, as Danny Lopez noted. Lopez is marketing director for the National Hispanic Cultural Center and is thrilled to showcase the fresco.


Photo courtesy of National Hispanic Cultural Center


The Torreón is open and free to the public on Sundays beginning October 10 from noon – 4 pm through December 31, 2010. Additional hours will be announced in 2011. Please refer to the center’s link for more details on the exhibition.

Hats off to Vigil for his hard work and for contributing to our rich cultural history with the use of his talent.

Torreón Fresco

Epic fresco to debut at National Hispanic Cultural Center


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