Bill O’ Reilly on The View, Nuff Said!

Written by Efrain Nieves

There was a time when I watched Bill O’Reilly faithfully. Everyday I would find myself listening to opinions that were opposite from mine. It didn’t bother me to the point where I would get angry because it was just an opinion. But an interview he had with Geraldo Rivera over an undocumented person who killed someone while driving drunk changed my perception and now I see the narrow-minded thinking of this man. Here is the video embedded in case you missed it.

Yesterday on the view, Bill O’ Reilly was up to his old tricks. He loves to blame a whole nation, religion, etc., etc., that is contrary to his. Generalizing the 9/11 attacks on a population of Muslim belief is disgusting and simply an old ideological  form of attack. The problem with people like O’ Rielly? They can’t seem to realize everyone in the world knows these men were Muslim and so they make it their job (literally) to remind the world.

Whoopi countered with a valid argument bringing up Timothy McVeigh who was executed for detonating a bomb and killing 168 people in Oklahoma City. McVeigh, who was Christian, committed a terrorist act, but the media never focused on his religion only the act and McVeigh as a person.

Finally, In doing my research for the blog I read many comments. Most who commented were expressing hate towards Muslims and name calling on what seemed to be endless thread responses. Many of them strongly suggested they would not be offended if anyone  blamed the Christian community for one person’s violent act. Who are they kidding? These are the same people who are just using this excuse to attack another religion, an anti-Christian pretense.

It was al qaeda Bill and yes you are sugarcoating.

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