The Demagogues of Politics

Written by Efrain Nieves

Univision has refused to air an ad telling  Latinos in Nevada not to vote. Founder of “Latinos for Reform” Republican Robert de Posada is the mastermind behind the ad. Also, Democratic President “Obama rolled out a White House initiative Tuesday designed to raise Hispanic academic achievement” (Martin, 2010), an order signed by Bush in 1990.

On on side, a party is campaigning  a brainless retrograding “strategy.” It makes no sense to advertise a non-voting ad during voting season. I can already see the Saturday night live skit on this one. On the other side of the fence, an “initiative” is being taken to boost an executive order which was in limbo for 20 years. Ironically the order has been given a spotlight in the eve of mid-term elections. What happens after November 2nd?

We need to stop watching the media hype given to politicians and do some research. We need to look at our options and see who has fulfilled the most promises and who has broken the most. It’s a catch 22 and the only way out is to vote for the lesser evil.


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