Tea Party Candidates: Uneducated and Out of Touch

By Efrain Nieves

Over the last month I have watched an increase of attacks from the Republican party. Not only towards their opponents, but towards Latinos and the LGBT as well.  I can’t begin to stress how this frustrates me. Is it not enough that we have to endure discrimination daily in our work place and neighborhoods? According to politicians such as Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell and Carl Paladino, it doesn’t seem to be.

Let’s start with Sharron Angle. Many of her followers believe Obama is all for terrorists. If this were the case don’t you think he would never had received a chance to campaign for office? Let’s be realistic, no one will ever endorse a terrorist sympathizer. The media, as bias as they may be, would have brought this accusation to light long before Obama would have thought of running for president of the United States. Let’s not sway our attention away from the discriminatory ad Sharron endorsed during her campaign, despicable. In case you haven’t  seen it, I linked it below.

Christine O’Donnell! What a winner she has become. Christine has run around trying to  “uphold” the United States Constitution. There is a small problem with that; she doesn’t know it.  How can anyone persuade voters with lack of knowledge of our Constitution.  I don’t expect every politician to know the Amendments word for word but please, have a sense of  them when  parading around and “fighting” to “bring it back.” I linked that video below as well.

(via Video: Christine O’Donnell Skeptic of First Amendment)

Talk about intolerance, Carl Paladino is anything but empathic or sympathetic. The world is changing and Paladino didn’t buy a ticket to hop on the 21st century train. Instead, he believes gays are not successful. Gays are not what?! I have plenty of friends who are successful and I don’t look at them as my “gay friends” they are just my friends. They are human beings who live, eat and breathe as everyone else. So what makes Mr. attitude think that they can’t be great successful parents? Well, when he loses this mid-term let him choke on his anti-gay ideology and hope he never crawls back out that 18th century hole he lives in.

 All 3 of these candidates are endorsed by the tea party. The tea party claims to be for “cutting back the size of government, lowering taxes, reducing wasteful spending, reducing the national debt and federal budget deficit, and adherence to their interpretation of the United States Constitution.” But, all I have seen is attacks on the Latino community, the LGBT and their opponents with no set plan to fix anything they feel has been broken. I also believe their motives are propelled by racism, discrimination and intolerance for equality.

The tea party movement is not the future of this country!


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