Pintando Para un Sueño

In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr.  had  a dream. In his dream the world was color blind, everyone was equal and segregation was non-existent. Martin Luther King Jr. sacrificed his life for this dream to be realized. Thus came the advancement of civil rights in the United States.

Today,  many Latinos also have a dream. Their dream consist of one day becoming  citizens of the United States. Jovenes sin Nombre has dedicated a mural to this very dream. The mural, called Pintando Para un Sueño, captures the image of an eager youth dreaming of being free in a country where freedom is constitutional. Their perception of freedom is embedded with education, a career, a life most of us take advantage of everyday. 

These phenomenal and exemplary young people have set themselves apart from others living here illegally or legally. They have made school and studying their priority, have lead by example by promoting education over gangs and drugs, brought awareness to their communities about their social plight, and chosen to do all of the above peacefully.

These young people trust in the ultimate dream of becoming U.S. Citizens. Let us be realistic. Who said that by being born here one is guaranteed to go on to school, or life, and succeed? We have thousands of kids taking for granted tax payers’ dollars by skipping school, dropping out altogether or not caring about their education. Most of them do not have to work and go hungry unless they work. Gangs become the norm to many.

Don’t they deserve a chance to live here legally? Why other than the assumption that they would become Democratic voters would they be denied citizenship? Ask yourselves whether there is really any other reason than political?

Radio program:
Rustbelt Radio for Oct. 11, 2010 : Pittsburgh Indymedia

Photos of mural created by Jovenes Sin Nombre: 

Latino youths’ mural a first for the ‘burgh:

Author Note: We would like to thank Michal Friedman, Co- founder and Director of Jovenes Sin Nombre, for providing us with the photos and links . Gracias y Pa’lante!


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