“Life” by Flow Rivera

The future is filled with bright and talented youth and we must support them.  Here is a great piece about life written by 16-year-old “Flow” Rivera, enjoy.




 So what is life?
Fame and fortune ?
Not necessarily.
Each and every one of us has a different story.
A different meaning for life.
Some of us are from broken homes.
Some of us don’t even have homes.
Most of us don’t even know our fathers let alone our mothers.
Some of us only know the streets,
others the books.
Some of us aren’t sure what we are or what we will be and fall under the ground.
Some of us can’t get everything and live with what we have.
We all live with pain even if we never show it.
We find love then its gone.
Why is love hard ?
– Because it can take lifetimes to truly find it .
Some of us will never find it .
And to those that have found it .
It can last forever,
but it can be lost within the blink of an eye.
Today I sat in my backyard and watched a woman making a living of cans and plastic bottles.
Some where inside her heart she had a dream .
Just like all of us.
Some of our dreams may never come true but it is up to us to make them come true.
We dream and run after them .
We fall and we get back up.
Some of us may never get back up.
Some of us die from it, others grow wise from it .
What if we weren’t such assholes and showed we cared to the people that really do matter?
What if no one lied?
Maybe we’d save a day when no one died.
Life,  we make it so hard when it’s so easy.
We don’t stop and stare at the colors of the leaves.
We don’t take the time to lay on the grass.
We most definitely don’t take the time to watch the world spin.
Life .
Life .
Life !
This is our only life .
This is all we have .
To love .
To hate .
To memories that we hold to the ones you dare not think of or recall.
This is life.
To the addictions that we overcome.
To the addictions we will never overcome.
To death .
To the new born babies.
To the elders .
For wise and deceitful lies.
This is life.
So point a gun to our hearts.
Not for guilt or shame.
But for the life we live .
For the ppl we saved .
And the ppl we have lost .
This is life . Never forget it.
This is life . Please forgive it.
Close your eyes and raise your hands.
Remember their faces and voices.
The promises kept and the promises broken.
Even if you’ll never see them again this is life and we live it.
Fear nothing .
Hold on to memories .
Never forget love.
Love yourself.
Adore your friends and Family.
Kiss the stars .
And dream heavily.
Wake up tonight for tomorrow may never come .
Life .
but never let it die.

-To my dearest friends. and my first love .

The piano slows down.


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2 Responses to ““Life” by Flow Rivera”

  1. Raul Kahayarix Rios Reply November 29, 2010 at 12:33 PM

    Love the piece and really felt the pain from this young lady.

  2. Very well written and very true.. Good piece….

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