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Jimmy John’s Commercial: An Excuse to Stereotype

By Efrain Nieves It’s just tiring to see how Latinos are still portrayed as gang-bangers. We are constantly having to fight this stereotype and the more we fight, the worse it gets. As someone who has dealt with this stereotype countless times, I can tell you that it is not easy on the self-esteem. I always thought “why […]

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LatinosNYC Leads By Example

By Victoria Cepeda Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Many of us will look for volunteer opportunities to help out around our areas as a sign of gratitude for having far more than thousands in the nation lack. The concept of volunteering varies from individual to individual with some donating their time and others their money. Then […]

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The Nuyorican Youth: It’s Time We Help

By Efrain Nieves The million dollar question is, who is helping our Puerto Rican youth?  I have read 3 articles stating a high percentage of  Puerto Ricans between the ages of 16-24 living in New York are dropping out of school, not registering for college and are unemployed. In fact, Puerto Ricans rate lower than any […]

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