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2011: Un Año Nuevo, Pa’lante!

 By Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo The What? The new year. The What? The new year. The What? The new year is coming! And with a stronger vengeance than this one is about to leave behind. We are in the midst of a revolution; a movement; a renaissance (if you will) of conscious minds within a society that’s […]

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Adiós Año Viejo, Feliz Año Nuevo!

By Efrain Nieves Ending año viejo reminds me of the old days when we thought año viejo was an old man. The end of the year came and so did his reign. Adiós año viejo! We thanked him for the good times and wished him away along with our bad times. It’s safe to say many of us would rather give the […]

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La Familia & The Holidays

By Victoria Cepeda Noche Buena, Navidades y Año Nuevo days are upon us like a freight train at the crossings. Along with the holiday cheers a dose of drama is bound to appear. There is the dreaded conversation with your partner/spouse about where to spend Christmas’ eve and Christmas day. Do you celebrate Noche Buena with your parents […]

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