La Familia & The Holidays

By Victoria Cepeda

Noche Buena, Navidades y Año Nuevo days are upon us like a freight train at the crossings. Along with the holiday cheers a dose of drama is bound to appear.

There is the dreaded conversation with your partner/spouse about where to spend Christmas’ eve and Christmas day. Do you celebrate Noche Buena with your parents and then Navidades with your in-laws or vice-versa? How do you sensibly choose one over the other without unleashing WW III? What if there is the added stress factor of traveling expenses? Some people trek to their in-laws as pilgrims take to the punishing trails in hope for redemption. For those fortunate souls that do not know what I am talking about ignorance is bliss, the rest please read on.

Ideally, wise counselors, recommend fine tuning the details of the Christmas holidays well in advance and make family aware. Unfortunately those high and enlightened counselors do not take into account the factor of the almighty Latina mothers, mothers-in-laws and/or the extended family. Plans become the Titanic as la familia turns into the iceberg that sinks the spirit of the most organized souls. Let’s face it, in the eyes of our parents, once a child always a child. In other words your plans have little bearing when your mom or dad is on the other side of the phone reminding you that your family should always come first. Guilt trip experts leave their mark and you got back to the drawing board with your partner (who may have been expecting this outcome all along) for a last minute change of plans. However, would we have it any other way? Would we trade all the drama for the cold and loneliness that having no family brings? What’s life without drama?

Therefore, this holiday season; let us gear up with an armor full of patience and a dose of understanding as our vanguard. In some way or another we have been blessed with the love of families that throw hissy fits just to have us sit at their table, that command our attention and that, come rain or shine, come through for us all year round. Bueno, you may need some liqueur to help along with the patience and understanding.

God Bless and may yours be a Feliz Noche, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

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