Adiós Año Viejo, Feliz Año Nuevo!

By Efrain Nieves

Ending año viejo reminds me of the old days when we thought año viejo was an old man. The end of the year came and so did his reign. Adiós año viejo! We thanked him for the good times and wished him away along with our bad times. It’s safe to say many of us would rather give the old man una patada instead of wishing him a goodbye, pero año nuevo is here so let’s not waste anymore of that energy and think positive, shall we?

Represented by a newborn baby is año nuevo. The newborn is a interpretation of all that is new or renewal of life. This perception gives us a sense of hope, a breath of fresh air and a chance to redeem ourselves of all that went wrong in the last year.  Hence, we create new year resolutions.

Hopefully, año nuevo will bring us more good memories and open the door to better opportunities. We also hope all the negative memories of año viejo wither away with him in his retirement home.  Adiós año viejo and good riddance!

To our fans: Thank you for reading and sharing our work. We greatly appreciate every one of you.

 Pa’lante como un elefante y nunca pa’tras!
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