2011: Un Año Nuevo, Pa’lante!

 By Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo

The What? The new year. The What? The new year. The What? The new year is coming! And with a stronger vengeance than this one is about to leave behind. We are in the midst of a revolution; a movement; a renaissance (if you will) of conscious minds within a society that’s not all that secret. We are here: we are your poets, story-tellers, visual artists, dancers, musicians, motivational speakers, professors, lawyers, community activists and volunteers – intellectual, urban scholars – a Division X of soldiers waiting to bless your senses with wisdom and knowledge that promise to get you out of the darkness and into the light. Vamos Pa’lante, elevando through brick, barbed wire, explosives and firearms – spiritually proofed so no one (and nothing) can infiltrate or diffuse our purpose. Our mission? To bring a Bonafide series of Inspired Words from Speakers of the House, that will ignite new life and wisdom into your brainwaves like those knowledge received from Bobby Gonzalez, Magdalena Gomez, Felipe Luciano and Keith Roach.

We are the Hunter offering you freedom through El Grito de Poetas and artists from all walks, promising to deliver tremendo Bombazo of knowledge. Caminando Pa’l Pueblo adding Sofrito for Your Soul with every syllable, every visual, every Elemento from Babbles in the Bronx to every Poet’s Corner. We are the totality of Musings and Scribbles, comprised of not just Latinos NYC but a Global Block Foundation ready to take on the current societal condition. We are here to elevate from and buff urban legends. 2010 has been a time to reflect for veterans and future feature debuts ready to spread truth, and like a Dean will exercise the right to rectify specific areas of concern: our schools, our homes, our ‘hoods. Come 2011, when the Callejero Soundbomb and Siren go off, when La Loba howls in content, like a Rock, truth will reign upon you as the words “I Was Born!” will emerge from the inner-most depths of your soul.

To the skeptics and critics, understand we are not a threat and there is no need to Panic! Our Mental Sins consist solely of visions of prosperity for our people who have struggled way too much for way too long – our fellow ghetto prisoners who still live in the confines of violent infested neighborhoods and/or asphyxiated minds, desperate for freedom. We simply want to introduce a new realization as refreshing as Yerbabuena, full of Escribidoras and Welfare Poets, laced in TainoImages taken by beloved Mamarazzis. We need to become the most potent subliminal message to captivate our children – from Puerto Rico to SotaRico, the entire Caribbean, Latin America and Central America. As a whole, we lack true unity; false representations have infested us; folks continue producing walking dead corpses, generation after generation and the debt is only climbing. It is time to truly nurture our culture, our past, our present so we can manifest. It is undeniable that powerful and successful scholars, artists and humanitarians of Latin descent have made major contributions to this world. But imagine if we honored our ancestors as a whole; if we consistently retold historic tales through Plena-like rhythms, sealing strength, pride, integrity, faith and unity in newly formed X-Mentals, bonding each syllable in hearts and minds with the strength of Sien Ide. We would be able to paint breath-taking visions like Marthalicia and sculpt the earth with hands like Olga Ayala and all would marvel over our mesmerizing influence! How proud would our ancestors be if we celebrated our heritage not once a year nor once a month; once a week nor once a day; once an hour nor once a minute; but every second of everyday! How proud would we be? What if “we” were just a way of life encouraging and supporting one another in all things positive? Tribal warriors walking, head up high, creating seas of production only distracting that which is of no use to our purpose (despite differences in dialect, geographic locations or skin tone)? Concentrating on eliminating internal poison, future kings and queens in training would be taught to see with blind eyes and hear with deaf ears. Is it too much 2 Dream Artists, or can we really make this happen? I have faith those who already have will continue to do so, and those who have yet to try will find the way to contribute. Before you know it, we will all be able to play by their rules and still win, Capicu in hand. 2011: un año nuevo – Pa’lante Latinos!

Pa’lante Latino is dedicated to the upward progression of the people. We support, sponsor and showcase current events in the Arts as well as community service. Please feel free to email us your community event palanteforward@gmail.com. Join our Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/palantelatino.


4 Responses to “2011: Un Año Nuevo, Pa’lante!”

  1. you are amazing, this made me smile. Here’s to a happy, healthy and abundant 2011 for all of us. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your intelligence, your talent and most importantly, your heart and soul. You are an inspiration to all of us.
    Rock WILK

  2. I am 100% in agreement with Rock. This piece is simply outstanding and captures the essence of the work of so many of you throughout 2010. We are just very happy to have you as a contributor to Pa’lante. Gracias Bernice.

  3. Bernice Sosa- Izquierdo Reply January 2, 2011 at 7:23 PM

    Rock and Victoria, thank you both so much for your kinds words and encouragement. 🙂
    It has been a true honor to have been able to share my writing with artists whose work I respect and admire!

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