The Memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

By Efrain Nieves

  African-Americans and Latinos are related not only by ancestors but also by experiences. We also experienced the stereotype, racism and profiling as those of our African-American brothers and sisters unfortunately had to endure. It was in those times when I embraced the legacy and ideology of Martin Luther King Jr.

I learned how the words and actions of one man had taken on a nation of hate. The most powerful reaction towards the killing and grotesque treatment of his people were the peaceful demonstrations Martin Luther King Jr directed.  Many were skeptical, but King marched forward with a dream of social and  economical equality for all people.

 In the last year the Latino community has struggled against the profiling, racism, stereotyping from all sides of the table even from our own. We neglect to remember the efforts made by MLK for all to live unalienated in America. We also neglect to remember the men and women of all races who stood at the borders of segregation daring to cross for the sake of freedom to live, work and contribute to this great nation.

Keep the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. alive. Pa’lante!

Pa’lante Latino is dedicated to the upward progression of the people. We support, sponsor and showcase current events in the Arts as well as community service. Please feel free to email us your community event Join our Facebook page,


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