The Color of Latinos

By Efrain Nieves

We all know a Latino is more than let’s say a Puerto Rican, a Mexican, etc., etc. A Latino is a mix of cultures, languages and customs from Spain, France, Portugal, Africa (apologies if I have missed anyone) and natives from the lands of Latin-America and the Caribbean. So when I read a blog written by Matt Yglesias called “Hispanic Intermarriage” I had gotten the feeling this kid doesn’t get out much. Let me show what brought me to this conclusion.

Here is a paragraph from the article:
“At any rate, it’s perhaps worth mentioning that Ezra and I are both examples of English-speaking people of partially Latin American ancestry. It seems to me that one of the roots of the problem is precisely that the general public doesn’t recognize the Matt Yglesiases of the world in this way. Only highly un-assimilated Spanish-dominant people “present” to the bulk of the country as genuinely Hispanic, leading to the perception that Hispanic immigrants and their descendants are all non-assimilators who don’t know English. That’s in fact not the case, and people should hear about it.

Here are a few reasons why I oppose Matt’s theory:

1. The last name gave you away.

2.  I was never once considered anything but Latino and I’m American born and bred. English is my first language.

3. Latinos come in all shapes, sizes and colors. No one will doubt it once you say it.

4. Have you been watching television? MTV should give you a clue as to what is generally “considered” Latino in America.

Never underestimate the color of a Latino. It doesn’t matter what you look like because certain words, phrases, expressions will give you away. Matt, next time you make an assumption I suggest you browse around and hopefully your eyes will be open enough to see the true color of Latinos. Pa’lante!

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