Rep. Brian Nieves: Un Cocotazo with a Puerto Rican Sartén

By Efrain Nieves

Another article crossed my screen last night que me levantó los bellos de los brazos. Brian Nieves, a Puerto Rican Republican of the Missouri House of Representatives, blasted Attorney General Chris Koster for building a website in Spanish. I know this sentence just jolted your brain but Brian is also the author of the “English Only” law in Missouri. The law states  “English as the official language for all government meetings where public business is discussed or decided or where public policy is formulated.”

Brian Nieves is a hypocrite who has disowned his roots. He believes in the preservation of America by way of ousting immigrants as if his family sprung from the fields of Idaho. He’s a disgrace to me, his last name as well as all Latinos around the world. Preserving our culture and passing it on to future generations is a tough task in this country and reading stories of our own people trying to eradicate it just stirs up los muertos around me.

Hopefully one day, Brian will receive a much needed cocotazo with a Puerto Rican sartén over his hollow head and remind him how much our people fought to keep our culture alive in America. Pa’lante!

Brian Nieves, of Puerto Rican blood, offended by Spanish website

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