Hail to Our Writers: Luis Lopez Nieves

By Victoria Cepeda

Prolific writers come in all shapes and colors. Theirs is a world made up of various genres, writing styles and realms. A writer’s motivation for writing is as diverse as there are people willing to embrace them.  Through reading some of us would, most likely,  improve on our writing styles and open our minds to a world that allows us to be free.  In other words, there is an explicit correlation between reading and writing that is well known to those of us that practice both. However, for some of us writing never transcends to published work. Instead writing is more of a therapeutic hobby than a discipline we keep. 

Some writers transport us to a world where we let our minds roam unashamed and uninhibited which brings me to the main purpose of this blog.  Recently Rick Kearns, one of our fans,  brought to our attention the work of Luis Lopez Nieves,  (b. 1950) who is a Puerto Rican born writer internationally acclaimed and highly regarded by his peers. Lopez Nieves is credited with introducing a new literary style called “historia trocada” which can be appreciated in his novels.

Lopez Nieves has been the recipient of the Puerto Rico National Literature Prize twice, a feat never obtained by any other Puerto Rican writer previously.

His latest novel El Silencio de Galileo, or The Silence of Galileo, is slated to be another international hit (sypnosis). Among his previous publications with similar acogida are La verdadera muerte de Juan Ponce de Leon, El corazon de Voltaire, Escribir para Rafa and Seva.  On his site you will also find links to various articles, essays and short stories. A true gem of a find indeed.

Pa’lante is proud to promote those skilled in entertaining us with the written word and features Lopez Nieves as one of our most exemplary literary writers in recent years. Though his work is primarily published in Spanish, I urge you to take a few minutes to review it. You will not be dissapointed.

Luis Lopez Nieves


Biography of Luis Lopez Nieves

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