The Bronx Idol vs Ruben Diaz Jr.

By Efrain Nieves

There are instances where it’s safe to say we are proud of our hometowns and accomplishments.  Other times some of us are too proud. For example, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. slammed idol for “suggesting the Bronx might still be – Horrors! – a dangerous place” (  An article in the Wall Street Journal quoted Diaz as saying “They have basically erased two and a half decades of work in a minute and a half.” What Diaz means is that the city has worked hard to do away with drugs, gangs and violence and for a show to depict the Bronx as only… Well, you get the point.

I understand Diaz’s love for the Bronx and will not discredit all his hard work but  I have to disagree with his opinion. American idol only portrayed the story Travis Orlando gave them  of hardship. Travis even walked Ryan Seacrest through his neighborhood and the shelter he lived in. Therefore, how could he hide or deny how his family lived? We can’t sing about butterflies if we grew up watching cockroaches.

Diaz should look at the greener side of the fence of this story; Here’s a family living in harsh conditions because of the economic downturn which affected us all. One of those family members has a talent and sees it as a way “out of the hood.”  So, he stepped out his comfort zone and took an initiative to give his family a better life.

Is that not what the Bronx Borough president is fighting for? Let’s ponder on that. Pa’lante!

Did ‘American Idol’ Slander the Bronx?

Bronx Borough Pres. slams ‘American Idol’ for dissing the area, while Jennifer Lopez stays quiet

You be the judge.

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2 Responses to “The Bronx Idol vs Ruben Diaz Jr.”

  1. Efrain, I completely agree with your sentiments. Unfortunately, despite all of the strides that the Bronx and all of the other NYC boroughs have made throughout the years, Travis’ reality still exists for many. Yes there are nice parts of the Bronx but there are also some not so nice parts. To try and act like they don’t exist does the community and the people that live there a disservice. Mr. Diaz needs to focus on how to improve those areas so that they can no longer be depicted as they are. But until that change comes he has to accept all of the Bronx as it is. I grew up in Brooklyn and till this day there are some parts of Brooklyn I won’t walk through at night. Is it bad for me to think that way, maybe, but the reality is that some neighborhoods just aren’t safe and I’m not stupid lol. Great post 🙂

  2. Why should Jennifer Lopez defend the Bronx? American Idol simply aired a story from one young man’s perspective… That is his story and nobody, especially not a elected official or JLO…is gonna change that. All of the great work that is been happening in the Bronx did not help his family while they were homeless.

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