George W. Bush Done with Politics

by Efrain Nieves

In recent news George W. Bush revealed in a C-SPAN interview with Brian Lamb he is done with politics. “I don’t want to go out and campaign for candidates, I don’t want to be viewed as a perpetual money-raiser ” stated Bush.

The former president added, “I think it’s bad for the country, frankly, to have a former president criticize his successor.”  It’s tough enough to be president as it is without a former president undermining the current president.” Wise words from a  former politician who knows his time is up.

This is the smartest move Bush has made since admitting  the country was in a recession. I believe Bush has also seen the negative rhetoric coming from the Tea Party Express which hovers a dark cloud over the GOP or maybe he is just enjoying the life of a published author. In any case, it’s time to mend the damages he’s done and throwing politics out the window is a positive start.

Good luck Mr. Bush. Pa’lante!

Bush says he’s done with politics, fundraising, campaigning

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