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The Bronx Idol vs Ruben Diaz Jr.

By Efrain Nieves There are instances where it’s safe to say we are proud of our hometowns and accomplishments.  Other times some of us are too proud. For example, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. slammed idol for “suggesting the Bronx might still be – Horrors! – a dangerous place” (  An article in the […]

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The Young Lords Party: Pa’lante Siempre!

On July 26, 1969, the Young Lords Party New York regional chapter was founded. The New York Chapter rapidly grew to become a regional center of the Young Lords, after the organization gained national prominence leading protests against conditions faced by Puerto Ricans and leading to the takeover of the First Spanish Methodist Church in East […]

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The Political War on Latinas’ Wombs

By Christina Saenz  Over the last year, the political Right, such as Lamar Smith and John McCain, has waged a war on “anchor babies”—a myth that immigrant parents are purposefully having children within American borders in order to get citizenship for themselves. Social scientific evidence and common sense do not bolster the Right’s reasons for why the […]

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