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Hail to Our Writers: Luis Lopez Nieves

By Victoria Cepeda Prolific writers come in all shapes and colors. Theirs is a world made up of various genres, writing styles and realms. A writer’s motivation for writing is as diverse as there are people willing to embrace them.  Through reading some of us would, most likely,  improve on our writing styles and open our minds to a world that […]

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Rep. Brian Nieves: Un Cocotazo with a Puerto Rican Sartén

By Efrain Nieves Another article crossed my screen last night que me levantó los bellos de los brazos. Brian Nieves, a Puerto Rican Republican of the Missouri House of Representatives, blasted Attorney General Chris Koster for building a website in Spanish. I know this sentence just jolted your brain but Brian is also the author of the “English Only” law in […]

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The Color of Latinos

By Efrain Nieves We all know a Latino is more than let’s say a Puerto Rican, a Mexican, etc., etc. A Latino is a mix of cultures, languages and customs from Spain, France, Portugal, Africa (apologies if I have missed anyone) and natives from the lands of Latin-America and the Caribbean. So when I read a blog […]

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