In Pursuit of Tres Leches

by Efrain Nieves

This weekend Victoria and I were on the hunt for some great Latino food. We decided to go to a fairly new Colombian restaurant in Union City, New Jersey. Unfortunately, our experience in this restaurant was far from dreamy. Victoria had sancocho de gallina that, according to her, tasted  delicious but was attacked by about 200 potatoes the size of a T-rex’s egg. I had a aguacate salad with shrimp. Yes it sounds good but for almost ten bucks one would have expect the serving of a full aguacate with a fresh salad.  Instead, I got half of a small aguacate, minute shrimps and what tasted like a no frills generic iceberg salad in a bag.

After making “I dare you to eat that face” to each other, we finished up our dinners and looked forward to dessert. Tres leches was on the menu.  Since I have never had tres leches now would be the right time to try it, or so I thought.  I asked the waiter for a tres leches cake as my mouth watered with anticipation.  However it was not meant to be. The waiter told me they had just ran out of it. Typical way to end a not so memmorable dinner.  This was  not my first attempt at tasting the ever popular three milk cake but it was the first time I actually was looking forward to eating it.

The next day, we were saved at El Artesano, a Cuban restaurant with a great menu and a mouth watering mofongo. The food there was delicioso but still no tres leches.  Like Mike Tyson, I’m ready to knock out this part of my life by finding a bakery or restaurant with the best tres leches cake around. I’m going to need help from a higher power for this one. __________________________________________________________________________________________
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2 Responses to “In Pursuit of Tres Leches”

  1. Make one! That’s what I did. It’s soooo good.

    My husband is lactose intolerant and liked it so much that he ate several pieces. LOL.

  2. Good luck with your quest. lol

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