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Latinos Undercounted In Census, Millions In Funding Lost

Written by  Sara Inés Calderón of There’s already controversy surrounding the 2010 Census, even though it hasn’t even been fully released. Along the U.S.-Mexico border, where Latinos are concentrated, poor neighborhoods known as colonias were severely undercounted. Colonias are heavily immigrant neighborhoods, very poor and seem to have been afterthoughts to those who organized the […]

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Advocating for Blue Collar Workers

Written by Victoria Cepeda It was 1966 when Mexican-American civil rights activist Jesus Salas et. al. founded “Obreros Unidos”, an independent farm labor union, in Wisconsin. Their objective was to improve working conditions for migrant farm workers that traveled from Texas to Wisconsin yearly. They knew of a Wisconsin state provision that protected agricultural workers which […]

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In Pursuit of Tres Leches

by Efrain Nieves This weekend Victoria and I were on the hunt for some great Latino food. We decided to go to a fairly new Colombian restaurant in Union City, New Jersey. Unfortunately, our experience in this restaurant was far from dreamy. Victoria had sancocho de gallina that, according to her, tasted  delicious but was attacked by about 200 potatoes the size of a T-rex’s egg. […]

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