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After Egypt, the Internet has Become a Battlefied in Cuba

by Victor Landa of It’s not an exaggeration to say that the events in Egypt and Tunisia have many tyrants and dictators across the world in worry-fits. The successful popular uprisings that were fueled by the oppressive heavy-hand of those governments were in turn generated by the Internet and social media. If you’re a […]

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A Memmorable Valentine’s Date

Written by Victoria Cepeda Are you wondering about what to do for Valentine’s Day while supporting our local artists and venues? For those of us that live in the New York metro area the choices and possibilities are endless.  Living in the great New York City metro area has its perks. Granted we are forever surrounded by noise, […]

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The Similarities Between the Egyptian and Puerto Rican Protests

 by Christina T. Saenz The world is watching as the Egyptian people reclaim their government. They are demanding for the president to step down after 30 years of being in power and citing his regime as antithesis to democracy. However, just two hours away by plane from Miami is Rio Piedras—a university town suburb of […]

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