The 1 Trillion Dollar Latino Market

by Efrain Nieves

“When it comes to the impact of Latinos on the American economic and cultural landscape, there’s only one word that adequately describes the group’s influence: growing” ( Across the internet you will find many articles refering to the boom of the Latino buying power. According to “The buying power of Hispanics exceeded $1 trillion in 2010, and the population includes a significant number of high-income households.”

This means marketers are racing for a piece of the pie but only we know what we want when it comes to spending money. In other words, it’s time for Latinos to start creating businesses that cater to the Latino-American. It’s a comfortable feeling when you walk into a business and your salesperson can relate to your culture.

Let’s keep it in the familia so to speak. Pa’lante!

Latino Population Growth Fuels $1 Trillion Buying Power

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2 Responses to “The 1 Trillion Dollar Latino Market”

  1. YES YES YES !! This is what I am constantly preaching all the time.
    As an entrepreneur, a Latino entrepreneur we need to harness our own Market power and thus increase our wealth and put it back into our community by creating nonprofits that cater to our Latino community.

    I am terrified that in the future, marketers and American brands will STEAL our money and they will throw it back into our faces.
    1970’s and 1980’s Black America ring a bell.
    We can only hope.

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