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What’s Eating Latinas? Pressures on Latinas for the Perfect Body

by Christina Saenz The recent case of 17-year-old Dominique Ramirez brought to light of how Latinas experience sexist sizeism in ways that are similar to yet differ from white women. Dominique won the Miss San Antonio Beauty Pageant that could lead her to the crowns of Miss Texas and even Miss America. She was later stripped of […]

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Email from Substitute Teacher Stereotypes Latino Students

by Efrain Nieves Arizona State Senate President Russell Pierce received an email from substitute teacher Tony Hill calling Latino students ” gangbangers and gangsters.” The letter sparked a heated debate  and call for an apology after Republican Sen. Lori Klein read  the offensive email on the floor of the Senate last week. After reading the email I also found […]

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People Under 20 Developing Diabetes At Alarming Rates

by Sara Inés Calderón of More young people than ever are being diagnosed with diabetes, meaning that the future of health care in this country is going to be even worse than we thought, and that these people have a high probability of dying young. Let me explain. According to the National Diabetes Education Program: Diabetes is […]

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