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A Cocotazo for Jack Davis

by Efrain Nieves Jack Davis is another millionaire who thinks money gives a person knowledge. Well, I have two cents to buy Mr. Davis some common sense or a ticket back to the 21st century. According to Davis stated in an endorsement interview with the GOP: “We have a huge unemployment problem with black youth in our cities. Put […]

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The Bridge Generation

by Efrain Nieves As it is the case with almost anyone who is email savvy, we receive e-mail alerts on topics that interest us the most. I am not the exception and recently I have been receiving several e-mail alerts. One of those topics is, of course “Latinos.” In the last few weeks I have […]

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Puerto Rico Suffering Heavy Brain Drain

by Sara Inés Calderón of A new report from the Instituto de Estadísticas de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics) has found that the island nation is suffering some pretty heavy brain drain and population decline, especially since the recession began. The report, “Perfil del Migrante 2000-2009” was published at the end of last month and utilized Census data. Among […]

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