A Daughter’s Voice

The most precious gift given to a man is to hear his daughter’s voice say “I love you.”
The day my daughter was born my body trembled like never before. At the time I did not understand the reason for this experience but it changed my way of thinking. As the years past, I realized she inherited a part of me which made me stick out from early on.  Her sketches of reality, her words on paper, precise. She is forever writing, drawing and singing. Which brings me to what really motivated me to write this piece. It’s the music my daughter helps create at her young age that reminds me of the free spirit that I once was.
Recently, my daughter acquired a taste for religious music. She performs at various churches. But nothing is more beautiful than when she starts singing her favorite religious songs. This is when she takes me to a place where I have not been for quite some time.
Her voice captures my mind almost as if in a trance. I no longer feel the anxiety or stress of my daily worries, I become at peace. Listening to her sing is like feeling the wind blowing away all the confusion this world leaves in my soul. I think clear and for those moments, I am taken away to a world of peace. Her voice reminds me that everything I have done is worth while. It is the most purest and angelic voice I have heard in all my life.

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