Alongside Midnight

by Efrain Nieves


In the sleepless nights
I reach out to find you,
knowing you’re not there.
My eyes closed,
a daydream begins.
The soul breathes the scent of your air.

I can see you next to me.
The teary of your eyes
blushing with purity.
The strength of my arms
canvasing your brown tone.
I become your wall of security.

The touch of your delicate hand
soothes my hardest complexity.
An instant flash,
through timeless streaks of space,
exceeds any perplexity.

The moment is realized
but my passion for you is delayed.
The immeasurable of my conviction
will keep alive all, never fade.

In the sleepless of nights
I wait,
to touch the warmth of your face.
Forever is not long enough
the passage of eternity,
our love ongoing
never to be replaced.


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2 Responses to “Alongside Midnight”

  1. eternal love…i hope you are not left waiting of that touch for long…

  2. So sad, so beautiful
    love without frontiers

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