What’s Behind our Logo?

by Efrain Nieves

Recently, Pa’lante Latino decided to broaden and expand. By doing so, we opened the doors to new opportunities. As such, we have been working diligently, on all fronts, in the hopes to bring awareness through our blogs. We have received great feedback by national and international community outreach and advocacy organizations that have motivated us to take it a step forward and create our logo.

Therefore, here is a brief explanation of what is behind our logo.

Pa’lante’s Arrow:

It represents the arrows of our ancestral indigenous tribes from North, South America and the Caribbean basin. The prehistoric arrow forever representing defiance to colonization and the courage to press on, in other words, move forward. So we pay tribute to our proud tribes  and join the forward movement of Latinos living in the United States as well as across the globe.

Pa’lante’s Colors:

Royal blue represents the color of the ocean which surrounds the various islands of the Caribbean some of our families originate from. The red represents the blood shed by all our patriots, regardless of flags or nations. Lastly, the white represents unity and peace.

Our logo was not created as a marketing tool because  we do not sell or promote any goods or services. We only seek to inform our community the best way we know how, with  the written word. In our view, the logo is a representation of our past, present and future.  We have welcomed all the constructive feedback that we have received but wanted to let you know that, from an organizational standpoint, our logo is a way to present ourselves independently from any other organization.  An accomplishment that we are proud of.

We are deeply grateful to the designers of both our logos KNOWHERE CONCEPT & DESIGN and CREATIONS BY LORIS for lending their talent and time to our page.

Thank you all for your comments and feedback, it is much appreciated. Pa’lante.



First logo Designed by KNOWHERE CONCEPT & DESIGN

Second logo designed by CREATIONS BY LORIS

We support, sponsor, write and showcase current events in the Arts, politics as well as community service. Please feel free to email us at palanteforward@gmail.com. Join our Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/palantelatino.


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