In Utah, Polygamy in the Name of Jesus Christ

By Victoria Cepeda

Sister Wives, on TLC , showcases the lives of the Brown Family. On its first episodes the show,  that initially was met with controversy and criticism, features Kody Brown as he embraces his polygamists tendencies and lets America join him along to witness his struggles with a practice that is common among Fundamentalist Mormons. All in the name of Jesus Christ. America apparently  has embraced the show because, according to the Sister Wives TLC site, they are “unconventional — yet somehow relatable — family.”

Sensationalism sells big in this country. Many “religious” groups sprout throughout the U.S. in the name of God and go on to practice nothing but patriarchy-centric religious beliefs. In the meantime, some Christians,  knock down Muslims for leading similar lives, object to same sex marriages, as well as frown upon the lives of homosexuals and lesbians. Some are even ready to sign petitions to reverse Roe vs Wade.  All the while a show about blond, blue-eyed, angelic looking folks airs on cable for audiences to witness Brown’s “trials and tribulations about acquiring a fourth wife and raising 16 kids”.

In my opinion, there is a tolerance when the folks are not of an ethnic origin. Any other way this show would have failed tremendously. But since the husband of this family is an advertising savvy, handsome, athletic and apparently smart man, viewers find their story “relatable”.

However, Latinos are no strangers to similar family structures. The difference being that infidelity plays a role whenever a husband goes off to have children outside the marriage. Perhaps that is the part that Kody Brown wants to avoid. He wants to make it legit to have children with other women, to have sex with other women and not be perceived as doing anything wrong.  One of the reasons he agreed to the show, as he quotes Jesus Christ,  is ” put your light on the candle stick, not under a bushel”.

My only intention with this blog is to speak openly of how double standards play a major role in our society.

Is Kody Brown a hypocrite or a religious man that has an unconventional way to interpret the scriptures? Would we be as tolerant of this show if it did not portray non-Caucasians Fundamentalist Mormons?

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