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Latino Unemployment Rate high despite Job Growth

By Victor Landa The national unemployment rate has fallen to 8.8 percent. There were 216 thousand jobs added across the country in the month of March so more Americans put their shoes on this morning to go to work than they have in many  months. And yet, unemployment for Latinos still hovers around 12 percent. […]

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Undocumented Paid $11.2 Billion In Taxes in 2010

By Efrain Nieves According to a study made by the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy, undocumented immigrants paid $11.2 billion in taxes in 2010.  Undocumented immigrants, specifically of Latino origin have long been accused of not paying their share of taxes and mistakenly told not to be contributors to the United States. For example, […]

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Café con iTunes: What are you listening to?

I love diversity in all aspects speficially in my music. Here a few songs I have downloaded in the morning before going to work. Some songs are new, some old,  but all from different genres. What are you listening to? Click on the title to view the video: 5.  Mi Corazon Esta Muerto – RKM & Ken […]

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