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Latino Heads U.S. Commission On Civil Rights

This article was written by Sara Inés Calderón of For the first time ever, a Latino is head of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights — that’s the organization that serves as a clearinghouse for civil rights violations on the federal level. Martin Castro, the Commissioner of the USCCR since March, Castro is the son and grandson of […]

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An Untitled Poem

By Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo Embrace me like Elementary school crush Pure hearts I got your back, you’ve got mine Forever. Like high school sweethearts Hopelessly devoted to illusions of happily ever after. Like rekindled pasts Meeting half-way Embarking on another journey You and me: Part Deux. Like no strings attached Stand tall, stand strong Individually and […]

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In Utah, Polygamy in the Name of Jesus Christ

By Victoria Cepeda Sister Wives, on TLC , showcases the lives of the Brown Family. On its first episodes the show,  that initially was met with controversy and criticism, features Kody Brown as he embraces his polygamists tendencies and lets America join him along to witness his struggles with a practice that is common among Fundamentalist Mormons. All in the name […]

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