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Latinos Served in the American Civil War: Our Lost History

by Efrain Nieves In the second, and last, installment of Latinos that served in the U.S. Civil War, we will be featuring some of the most well known Latinos and Latinas that dedicated their lives to the American civil war. Loreta Velazquez  – was born in Cuba on June 26, 1842 to a wealthy family. In 1849, she was sent to school […]

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While Waiting For The Sun

by Victoria Cepeda   Darkness loomed Emptiness bloomed Discarded Unwanted So cold Longing for warmth In the gallows of gloom A haunted soul purged While Waiting for the Sun Thunder stroke Clouds roared Cleansing waters poured In the wake of a new dawn The deafening sound of chains Clinked And out of confinement it rode […]

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“Minorities” Seen as Having Advantage to Access Higher Education

by Victor Landa of I’m coming at this from two distinct points of view: one, I have two kids in college; and two, I teach at a local community college. On the one hand, I witnessed my kids’ dedication, sacrifice and hard work and know that their acceptance to universities was no fluke. On […]

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