El Desfile De Ti

By Michael Mueller

(For all of you who like and don’t like the parade, there is alot to be proud of regardless)

Boricuas march

for what you believe

Boricuas march

for the ideas

you conceive

Boricuas march

for your social preservation

Boricuas march

for every future generation

Boricuas march

for the flag that you wave

Boricuas march

for the Borinqueneers

so brave

Boricuas march

fly that bandera so high

Boricuas march

for all in its name

who did die

Boricas march

in the name of education

for the rights of all students

with learning motivation

so that at the Universidad

a better situation

can prevent the rise of another

tragic demonstration

Boricuas march

to stand against them using

La Isla for their gaslines

and pipelines so abusing

Boricas march

Goya is seventy five

so great to see a Boricua business

so many years alive

Boricas march

not letting your identity

go astray



and if you go to the parade

show your colors

in every possible way.



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