Pa’lante’s Puerto Rican Day Parade Video Trends In The Hip Hop Community

We were lucky. The Hot 97 float was coming up from 53rd. I looked to see who was on the float and the first person I noticed was Joell Ortiz. I immediately raised my camera ready for a shot when the float stopped dead in front of us. I started recording and created a minute long video of Joell Ortiz, Angie Martinez and Lloyd Banks exciting the crowd, yesterday, at the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC.

Since the upload, it received 5,274 views so far and over a thousand shares on Facebook (and counting). Additionally, the video got tweeted and embedded on websites such as,, and All this surge was thanks to Lloyd Banks, who is half Puerto Rican and African American, shared the video on his Facebook wall. A fan alerted us that our video was being shared on Banks’ wall. To my surprise this brief 1:13s video has taken Pa’lante’s Youtube channel to new “traffic” heights.

We welcome the love we are getting from the Hip Hop community and should also remember to recognize the influence of Hip Hop in the Latino community. This is proof that the Puerto Rican Parade is far reaching and extends to the diversity New York City is comprised of.



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