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Oregonian Ron Petrie Pioneered Migrant Education Program

Written by Victoria Cepeda Imagine life in Oregon back in the mid 1950’s as a migrant worker. Tougher yet imagine yourselves as children of migrant workers when young age did not exempt you from working alongside your parents in the field. Then as you stay with me in this “make believe journey” close your eyes and place yourselves  in a classroom […]

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Top 15 Latino-owned Companies in New York

By Victoria Cepeda Positive News for today: The Top 15 New York companies in the 2010 Hispanic Business 500 Ranking produced revenues of $323.12 million and employed 5,032 people in 2009. The revenue figure is down from the previous year, when it stood at $418.69 million, but the number of employees has risen from the […]

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Pa’lante’s Puerto Rican Day Parade Video Trends In The Hip Hop Community

We were lucky. The Hot 97 float was coming up from 53rd. I looked to see who was on the float and the first person I noticed was Joell Ortiz. I immediately raised my camera ready for a shot when the float stopped dead in front of us. I started recording and created a minute long […]

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