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By Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo (Inspired by Piri Thomas) There’s a quilt of unsung word songs struggling to keep our children warm on frigid nights where hatred thunders, injustice howls and ignorance storms. There’s a quilt of unsung words whispering in the dreams of future child poets awakening, nourishing imprisoned souls. There is a quilt of historical […]

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Latinos In Connecticut Fight for District Representation

by Efrain Nieves & Victoria Cepeda A hot topic these days is Redistricting. According to the Web dictionary, redistricting is defined as “a form of redistribution, is the process in the United States of changing political borders. This often means changing electoral district and constituency boundaries, usually in response to periodic census results”. As we know it, […]

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Arturo Schomburg Gave Voice to Afro-Latinos & Black History

by Efrain Nieves Arturo Alfonso Schomburg was a Puerto Rican historian, writer, and activist in the United States who researched and raised awareness of the great contributions that Afro-Latin Americans and Afro-Americans have made to society. Schomburg  was born in the town of Santurce, Puerto Rico  to María Josefa, a freeborn black midwife and Carlos Féderico Schomburg, a merchant […]

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