Archive | August 11, 2011

Republican Ad, En Español, Attempts to Sway Latino Voters

The trending topic in politics on Latinos is how both Democrat and Republicans are trying to get Latino votes for 2012. Republicans, love or hate them, have already started their TV ad campaigns. Some may argue that the ad hits valid points while detractors would call the ad another gimmick to fool Latino voters. The topics mentioned […]

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Luisa Moreno Founder of The Spanish-Speaking Peoples Congress

By Victoria Cepeda Latina civil rights activist, Luisa Moreno, is better known for having found “El Congreso del Pueblo de Habla Española” or the The Spanish-Speaking Peoples Congress back in December 1938.  This congress was the first of its kind with the objective to bring together all Spanish speaking people residing in the U.S. The first meeting […]

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