Mitt Romney Is Getting All Passionate and Angry Again

If this summer is any indication, this Presidential race is going to be fun and bumpy. Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who last weekend showed a little passion answering a question by saying “corporations are people,”it looks like the former Massachusetts governor is at it again, this time, he goes after an older voter.

In the enclosed video, Romney lashes back at the fellow that asked him the question. Not a cool reaction regardless of how uncomfortable the question was, especially for a candidate that is campaigning for President.

It is my opinion that there is a basic etiquette to follow when campaigning for President:

1. Don’t disrespect your potential voters (although some politicians do this on a daily basis).

2. Answer the question. It seems dodging questions is a fad in the Republican camp. Just answer the damn question.

3. No finger pointing. Just don’t do it.

Romney did not win his last presidential bid  and it is very unlikely that he will win in 2012.

After watching the video what do you think?



One Response to “Mitt Romney Is Getting All Passionate and Angry Again”

  1. Romney is going to fix and help SS by NOT raising taxes. That was his answer to the senior citizen in the white hat. And he said it with anger. Doesn’t take a political scientist to see how ineffectual this response is, whether given by Romney or any other Republican presidential wannabe. Let’s see what the Koch brothers’ think tanks come up with to spin the Republican Big Lie on SS. Thanks Efrain.

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