Before and After Hollywood: Latino Stereotypes Will Always Exist

By Efrain Nieves

Many Colombians are upset over the movie Colombiana. In an article in Univision Carlos Macias, the President of PorColombia states, “We’re very disappointed that Hollywood is using the Colombian armed conflict again as cheap propaganda for its profit, it shows its total lack of creativity.”

We applaud PorColombia for their efforts to fight against stereotypes in Hollywood. But, I believe that Latinos should protest all movies that stereotype Latinos not just one.

Latino stereotypes will never cease. We will always be the gangbangers, maids, landscapers, welfare recipients and everything else under the sun that depicts us as inferior and dumb.

If we want movies that represent us in a positive light we must direct them ourselves.


One Response to “Before and After Hollywood: Latino Stereotypes Will Always Exist”

  1. Someone needs to remind Carlos Macias that violence exists in Colombia. No one’s making a film about Uruguay because it doesn’t have the same history that Colombia does. Was this guy complaining when Desperado came out?

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