Dear Katt Williams: Your Mexican Rant Was an Abuse of Comedy and Insulted Latinos, We Demand an Apology

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Dear Katt Williams:

Really? We understand that the heckler you so unabashedly talked down to and insulted might have been in your face, but did you have to break the cardinal rule of abusing the power of the stage and the microphone to make your point?

As performers, bloggers, activists, and people who believe in INCLUSION, RESPECT, and UNDERSTANDING we decry your insensitivity and racist rant against people of Mexican descent. It does nothing to help fight for a better society rather your diatribe perpetuates ignorant nativism. Furthermore, your comments are just as abrasive as those coming from the likes of Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs and Sherriff Joe.

In addition, your comments were made in Phoenix, which is ground zero for the anti-Latino sentiment that is sweeping the country. Thank you so much for adding to the hate. We expect it from middle-aged white men, who fear change in this world, but we would have never expected it from a person of color, who knows what it feels like to be discriminated against and whose people have been treated as second-class American citizens.

We hope that you take a moment and offer a sincere apology to the millions of US Latinos (including the very forgiving Mexican-Americans cheering in your audience). We will give you the benefit of the doubt, since your words may have been purely said in the heat of the moment but, as an entertainer you should have kept your cool. In the end your words hurt and stung a collective of hardworking folks whose families’ roots date back to pre-Colonialism and pre-slavery.

That was not comedy but arrogance.

We demand an apology, here’s hoping that you do.


The Latino Rebels


2 Responses to “Dear Katt Williams: Your Mexican Rant Was an Abuse of Comedy and Insulted Latinos, We Demand an Apology”

  1. I like your style, P’alante! Just do it! Ask questions later.

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