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Latino Civil Rights Leaders: Eduardo J. Padrón

By Victoria Cepeda, Efrain Nieves This week we showcase Eduardo J. Padron for his unrelenting efforts to grant opportunities to any student willing and determined to get a higher education. Eduardo and his brother were part of Operation Pedro Pan (Peter Pan) that during the Cuban revolution gathered up children, whose parents were willing to […]

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Obama Administration Finally Flexes Its Prosecutorial Discretion Muscle

WASHINGTON, DC — The Obama administration today announced how it will begin implementing the prosecutorial discretion memo issued on June 17 by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director John Morton. In response to pleas by families and students waiting for Congress to act on the DREAM Act or broader humane immigration reform, the Dept. of […]

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Latino Civil Rights Figures: Sal B. Castro

via Salvador B. Castro was born in Los Angeles and played an important part in helping students organize during the civil rights era, particularly around the LA Walkouts. He grew up partially in Mexico after his father was repatriated before returning to his hometown. He served in the Army and then went to school […]

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