Katt Williams Apologizes for Anti-Mexican Comedy “Skit”

According to CNN, Katt Williams has apologized for his 7 minute long rant he did on Mexicans on Sunday. The comedian stated:

“My remarks were not meant to be offensive,  I want to apologize if my comedy act was taken out of context.”

“I sincerely appreciate my fans within the Mexican community and would never intentionally go out of my way to offend them.”

Apology accepted. May this be a lesson to all that stand to ridicule our community beyond good fun and the standard comedy “stereo typing” jokes. One thing is entertainment and the other is fueling a fire already burning especially in Arizona.

Mr. Williams’ skit was pre-meditated, to a certain extent, given that on the stage there were already various “patriotic/American” symbols such as the bold eagle and the U.S. flag. In retrospect, we believe that the heckler that interrupted his act,  only accentuated a skit prepared for the Phoenix audience, the bedrock of the most fervent anti-immigration (legal or illegal) sentiment in the U.S.

Thanks to LatinoRebels.com for publishing one of the first articles that started  this campaign for apology. Pa’lante!



9 Responses to “Katt Williams Apologizes for Anti-Mexican Comedy “Skit””

  1. Sure, it was a PR apology but still… Mr. Williams had to swallow his ego pride and apologize.

  2. And to think, he was one of my favorites… Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  3. One thing that was very apparent about this situation was that Black people had a bigger reaction online than even some Latinos and Mexicans. He had to apologize because many people are not really feeling us being set back to the days of intense racial tension, especially between Black and Brown.

  4. I think that if he apologized that is a step forward. We can’t expect a guy that uses a character to disguise his real feeling to share a real apology.

  5. i still love him no matter what rasicts comments he makes

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